Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Macro Lens

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I received a beautiful macro lens this Christmas from my parents, which suffered two delays in reaching my hands. The Seattle snow delayed the delivery of the package from New York over the holidays, and then Mexican customs and the general inefficiencies down here caused another three week delay.

As soon as I had the lens, however, I couldn't help but start to look for subjects. The best I found last night was the button from my phone. The angle I shot at, disrupts the focus in the front, but I like how part of the red "end call" button can be seen, as well as the chrome plate.

This shot was taken at 1X.

Monday, May 26, 2008


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About 1/2 hour outside of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, deep into the cloud forest and the indigenous pueblas of the Tzotzil, we found this village located in the center of a Volcano; just as Luis had described it.

I took this picture from the far edge of the canyon, after driving along what seemed to be the one main street from the highway, past the soccer field and main plaza (two Churches on the way) and up onto a dirt road, where finally, there was room enough to turn-around. A car and a truck followed us up after I walked from the car up a dirt path to look back onto the lake, the crater and the town.

A family climbed out of the truck, only one man and three women (along with a young girl, maybe two or three who remained in the backseat of the four-door pickup front. They picked up a ladder and started picking plums from one of the trees growing along the hillside above the lake.

Of course, they offered me one, and I couldn't refuse, cleaning off the outside of the skin with my shirt and enjoying one of the most delicious plums I had had in a long time.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bebe on the couch

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Bebe, sitting quietly on the couch, seemingly relaxing, but really, ready to guard the ball from any inquisitive hand seeking to take part in what really, is his most favorite game, fetch.

I love his sense of play and anxious excitement.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Berkeley, Valencia, oranges

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Wandering through Andronico's this morning, searching for a few last minute Thanksgiving cooking items, I came across a new kind of soda for sale in the aisle. Valencia orange juice, cane-sweetened, read the label; and I couldn't help but remember the fields of oranges outside that city, so prominent from the train on approach. I remember those oranges to have seemed the most abundant and flavorful I had ever seen, and with such a sight, could not help but want one. I wondered if the new soda tasted like those fruits I remembered. Doubting it, I put the pack down and continued to the produce section, where I took this photo.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Political Theater: Shooting from the audience

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This last Friday, I had the chance to see Barak Obama speak at the Bill Graham Auditorium in downtown San Francisco. I've only seen one politician ever give a public speech, and this seemed like a great opportunity to see another. I wondered what kinds of shots I might be able to get as a member of the regular audience. When I passed the press stand, I was quite tempted to let them know that I am a photographer. But, of course, I couldn't have gotten a press pass for simply posting shots up on Flickr, although it was fun to watch the "pros" in action on the floor.

Mike Macor from the Chronicle did get one shot I really liked:

Chronicle Photo 1

But his follow-up did not speak, at least to me, to any relation to the people or the location:

Chronicle Photo 2

If I had a better lens, the photograph which this posting circumscribes would have been one of my most best. However, I had to shoot manually, without my tripod, and at ISO 1600. I just wish that I had had the foresight to bring my tripod along; but such is my scattered concentration during the working week that fulfilling such a requirement was impossible.

Regardless, I do like the shot. It's almost Republican in its framing; placing the larger than life image of Obama adjacent our flag. But I like that sense; for members of the opposition party are just as patriotic as any other.

To me, Obama represents an opportunity, perhaps, for healing. During his speech he said that he was a "hope dealer", a "hope addict", someone addicted to optimism and a faith in our ability to turn any situation around. I believe in the same, and hope that he can be true to his words.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cropping Harmony

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This is a crop of a shot taken at the Harmony festival, in Santa Rosa. I really like the sense of action in the picture; the way that the floutist is watching the bassist so intently. The fact that he defines the overall length of the photograph, pushing a line of narrative to left to create a sense of transition, amazes me in retrospect.

There's more to this picture that is accidental, but at the same time useful to its quality. The line across the front, blurred out, adds to the tension. And it was by simple luck that I captured the sense of intent in the floutist's eye.